What We Offer

Market Research

One of the main requisites of a successful business is having detailed and precise information about the market that is being ventured into, and that is what Brand Vision will give you. Our team will analyze different components of the Market, like potential customers, the competition, and the industry in general and provide you with the specifics.

At Brand Vision, we commonly use the three methods for Market Research, the Qualitative, the Quantitative, and the Syndicated Methods.


Qualitative Method

Qualitative Method, as the name suggests is more quality-oriented. This Method provides us with an in-depth understanding of human behavior.

There is a small group of participants that come together and discuss issues at hand with members of our team moderating the discussions. No fixed questions are provided, and all the members are encouraged to participate. More importantly, the participants are encouraged to explore the reasons behind their responses. For improved results, observational techniques are also availed.

  • Focus Group Discussion
  • In- depth interviews
  • Accompanied shopping
  • Ethnographic

Quantitative Method

Quantitative Method is more structured as compared to the Qualitative Method. This Method is used when, in order to gain proper information, a sizeable population needs to be approached.

A structured Questionnaire with closed questions is most commonly used, and everyone involved is asked the same series of questions. The data is then collected, accessed, and thereupon used to determine buyer attitudes and behaviors. This Method is said to essentially rely upon the statistical analysis and is numerically oriented.

  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Mystery Shopping

Syndicated Method

Syndicated Method is exploratory research. The advantages of using this Method is that it is very cost-effective, and more importantly, it can be very helpful when time is of the essence.

Brand Vision as a Market Research firm inquires and analyzes various preferable subjects upcoming in the market. The Data collected is then sold to different clients in need of the information. Therefore, this research is conducted prior to any requests from the clients and is not customized to their specifications.